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Carshiv co.
  • Seyed-Razi Residential Complex
    A modern facade on an under construction building.
    A challenges to adapt the design to the status quo,
    which is going on, exactly in accordaning to the design.
  • Khadar Villa
    Khadar Villa
    A modern villa lay down in the Shandiz countryside.
    The strong winds that predominate in the summer from the west,
    made us raise the house in parallel to the length of the land.
  • Aroma Reidential Complex
    Aroma Reidential
    A new palace to the glorious of his Greek ancestors.
    The building faces to the south and has a view
    of the Malek Abad garden landscape.
  • Sivan Residential Complex
    Sivan Residential
    Central axis, symmetry and spatial hierarchy have always
    been the essential compositional elements in classic design.
    They can be seen in both royal architectures and civilian residences.
  • Pamchal Residential Complex
    Pamchal Residential
    Pamchal is the architecture of a new classical generation,
    a building that exists not only in the dimension of space,
    but also in the dimension of time and communication.
  • Darvishi's Home
    Darvishi's Home
    The new house stands in the ruins of an old country house,
    that kept maintaining the character of the original building,
    but the interior was totally renewed to make it luminous and spacious.
  • Yas Residential Complex
    Yas Residential
    Memories of a place where the raw matter it is constituted of
    the rock, the valley, and the mountain; shows evident expression,
    provoking a game of fine balance between place, matter, light, and shadow.
  • Pamchal Residential Complex
    Pamchal Residential
    The goal, here, is to sublimate qualities
    and the feelings already present on the spot.
    The large gate is the basic element which generates the entire project.