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November 11, 2019
Seyed-Razi Residential

Location: Mashhad, Iran
Design Team: Hesam Bansefat, Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Mohammad J. Latifzadeh
Design Associates: Ali Qodsi, Niloofar Mirshad
Construction: Mohammad Qodsi
Structure: Mahdi Rezaei
Visualization: Faramarz Mazloom
Graphic & Presentation: Mahla Lashkari
Motion Graphic and Animation: Praccess Studio.
Project Year: 2016
Facade Area: 1150 m2
Client: Mr. Ghanbarzehi

Mashhad, the second largest and most populous city of Iran; It has a variety kind of architecture, in its transition from historical eras and its religious background. Which has led to the turmoil of urban space and its architectural identity today; The identity that is neither modern nor adherent to its own historical tradition. This context has created a multitude of worthless and purely populist constructions in this city.

Seyed-Razi Residential
Seyed-Razi Residential

The building is located in the west of Mashhad, in one of its developing regions. The building is a six-floor residential complex and is under construction. The main façade design's challenge was existing main structure and its low change possibility.

Seyed-Razi Residential

Located in a position that had a wide range view around, and three facades for the design, it was attempted to maximize the openings on the facade to provide plenty of light and visibility for the inner spaces. Due to the limitations of the structure implemented in the design process, we have found that the best solution was to split the facade into smaller units to have more flexibility in design with fewer changes to the existing structure.

Seyed-Razi Residential

The main facets of the building became cubes, which representing the spaces lies behind them. The emptying out and seting back the inside of these cubes made the chance of creation private terraces for most of the spaces, and in addition to providing good views from the inside out, providing a good shade for the interior and give a variety to the facades.

Seyed-Razi Residential

Finally, the facade of this residential complex was formed with minimum manipulation the existing structure and minimum coming forward, what that we call "attractive simplicity".

Seyed-Razi Residential